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UPDATED August 29th, 2023
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  Your Giles County Bobcats will be at Home this Friday night.  They host Fayetteville City Tigers, at the Brickyard.  Gametime is set for 7:00 p.m., and I will update you here, and on my Facebook Bobcats Fan Page if this changes.  However, I believe it will be at 7:00 p.m. this week.  The temperature is supposed to be in the low 80's at game time, and that is a huge improvement from last week's game. I was at the Bobcats football practice yesterday and have shared a few of the interviews.  I have more videos to work on, and hopefully I will have them posted soon. Also, I have already created the Fayetteville City Page, and will be creating a page for each of the Bobcats games.  Most images are clickable links, or the links are usually above or below the images.  I also updated the Brickyard page.  I will always try to share the newest content here, or with links above.  I am slowly working on adding all of the players pages.
   This Week's game against Fayetteville City Tigers is going to be a great one.  Both Teams are hungry for a win, and the Bobcats are in The Brickyard for this one.  Your Bobcats are itching to give their Fans a win.  The Team was in great spirits at practice yesterday.  I will share more information on a practice page later today.  So, be sure and return later, and checkout my Bobcats Practice article I am working on.  Go Bobcats!

Giles County Bobcats vs Fayetteville City Tigers this Friday Night, at the Brickyard
Giles County Bobcats host Fayetteville City Tigers this Friday Night in the Brickyard, Sam Davis Park



Giles County Bobcats Traveled to Play Hardin County Tigers this past Friday August 25, 2023

Giles County Bobcats Football play Hardin County Tigers Football team this week August 25


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 Giles County Bobcats Running Back #4 Kamauri Turner
Kamauri Turner Giles County Bobcats Football team

Giles County Bobcats 202 foo3 Spring Game
Giles County Bobcats 2023 Spring Game against Creekwood Red Hawks

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