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Bobcats Offense at the End of the Third Quarter getting ready to Play the Fourth.
BOBCATS OFFENSIVE TEAM in the HUDLE at the END of the 3rd Qt.

AUGUST 26, 2022
(3a) BOBCATS vs (5a) KNIGHTS  
In the GAME WITH: Doc

   On a Muggy Friday, August night, our BOBCATS went to Battle, with a Much Larger Squad of Nolansville Knights.  The Stands where packed, and both Bands where playing.  So, the crowd was in the Game.

   I stood working the Camera, for the Sideline video. And had front row seats to this Battle.  Even though Nolansville had twice as many players, as Giles County. They still had players going both ways. But, they had plenty Fresh Legs, available.  Which in the Long run, is what hurt our Bobcats, this week.

  Not one to make excuses, or to find a silver lineing, both Coach OC, and the Bobcats Athletic Director , Coach Thomas, look drained, and tired said: "We lost"  Which is the same two words I heard from the Bobcat players, as I told them they had a Good Game:  One said: "Yea, but it could've been better!"

   Thats the motavation, and team spirit this group of Bobcats have.  They don't believe in fiving in, or giving up.  The Bobcats where missing several Key Players, on the both sides of the Ball.  And they had multiple guy's playing both side's of the ball.  In the end, this is what costed the Bobcats. 

  In the end of the 3rd, the Bobcats where in a position to go up by 7.  Which they did at the begining of the 4th quarter.  Which was about the time my batteries went low on my Sideline Camera feed.  So I decided to go for a qucik Bathroom break.  As I was walking back out onto the Field, the Bobcats went up by 7 and it was 14-7 Bobcats.  

   Nolansville's Band was playing, but Our Guy's seemed to be the ones absorbing the Momentum, which I felt.  An, I believed was what was going to be a change in Tide, and Our Bobcats were about to pull out a Victory.  Then Nolansville connects for a deep Touchdown Pass, and Tied the Game up.\

   The Bobcats Offensive Team cames back out on the Field, lead by QB. KT,  Then it happened.  We failed to get the play in fast enough, and it costed yards.  Then, back-to-back, we did it again.  So we went from being on the 38, back to about the 13 yard line, all because of mental mistakes.  Which is the real Factor in any game.  "The Team who make's the Least Mistakes, is the Team that WINS. "  Another great quote from Coach OC.  An, it is true.

   This turnover is what costed the Bobcats the Game.  Nolansville scored again, on this next series.  Which was the last Touchdown of the Game.  But enought to Put Nolansville up, by 7.  With a final being Giles County Bobcats 14, and the Nolansville Knights 21.

   In closing up, Our Bobcats do not need to Hold their Head down.  They played a great game Friday night, agains a much larger squad of Players.  This is not a Region game, and was agains a School which is 5 a.  So, keep your heads up, and lets show everyone what it looks like when we play a Team, which is in the same division as us. 

  I'm partial to the Bobcats, an a Solid Bobcats Nations member.  So, my take on the game will always tend to side with Our Bobcats.  I am proud of the Kids, and the Coaching Staff, for all the hard work they put in, just to come out and Provide Giles County Citizens, with a chance to come out and Support a Football Program, they can be Proud of.  As alway's: "GO BOBCATS!"  --Doc

  I have some more pictures below, which I captured, just as the clock was at 1 second, left in the 3rd quarter.  I also have some Field Level Video, which I shot, in the 4th quarter.  I will be updating this Web Portal every Monday Morning.  So, you can Bookmark it, and return through-out the day, on Monday's, and catch the Latest Updates.  Or, you can contact me, and become a registered member of this Web Portal.  You can go ahead and fill out the Form to be a registered member, and when you contact me, I can verify, and make your account available.  This will allow you to get update's. As well as, more Team Insider News, on Our Bobcats.  

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